Threat Intelligence

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Threat intelligence is a foundational component of effective cyber security. It enables organisations to stay one step ahead of threats, by applying  an understanding of the tactics and tools which attackers deploy in order to proactively defend critical networks and thwart intrusion attempts made by unknown adversaries.

At Context, threat intelligence underpins and informs all of our incident response efforts, with a combination of threat data and deep technical analysis allowing us to map out the focus and scale of threat actor campaigns. Our unique position at the forefront of cyber incident response allows us to build our threat intelligence database with indicators of compromise, threat actor profiles and threat advisories across a wide range of sectors targeted by our adversaries.

Context has a well-established history at the forefront of the fight against intrusions, with a special focus on state-sponsored and high-sophistication threat actors. The threat intelligence gleaned from defending our large and diverse client base gives us a unique and current insight into the motives, tools, tactics and procedures of attackers.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Context has to offer in this area, please contact us.

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