ConCon 2016

ConCon 2016

ConCon is our annual internal technical conference - it's an opportunity for a sizeable chunk of our technical community from the UK and Germany to get together for the day and listen to talks and training, and to catch-up.

This year it was held on the 8th January at the SkillsMatter CodeNode, a new and suitably geeky technical events centre near Liverpool Street in the City of London.

After breakfast and an opening talk from our CTO Alex we saw ten talks from consultants representing all of our technical teams: Assurance, Response, Development and Research. Topics included a vulnerability research project on an internet technology, a new tool for malware analysis, scraping social media for phishing activities and memory analysis. Plus the obligatory IoT hack.

If you’re sad about missing out, don’t be: we'll be publishing some of the work as blogs or whitepapers in the coming months and we intend to repeat some of the talks for an invited technical audience in the spring, and of course you could attend next year by joining us.

In addition to the presentations ConCon is run alongside our internal CTF, which this year was fiercely contested between ten teams representing subsets of all of our offices, with the overall winners being a team of people from our London office.

And finally, we gave out our annual Pwnie awards to winners across five categories of hacking. Some of the winners were more happy with their prize than others.

Further information

For more information on our upcoming external events please see our events pages; if you would like to know more about our current vacancies please see our careers page. 

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