Upcoming service announcement: IRIS, a new aperture on Incident Response

Upcoming service announcement: IRIS, a new aperture on Incident Response

Rapid incident response is a core function of Context's Response division and we pride ourselves on the close relationships and integration we build with our clients. However, we have found an increasing need amongst our clients for access to our Response services in a more formalised manner, allowing them to be included as a specific and integrated part of the incident response planning process.

Fundamentally this means we can provide these services in such a way that clients can call upon them during the high pressure of live incident response with the assurance that the resource and support will be available when they need it. 

Context has developed the Incident Response Investigation Support Service (a.k.a. IRIS) to provide access to Context Incident Response consultants, expertise and capability within timeframes defined by a Service Level Agreement. This service is being offered on a subscription or retainer basis, providing a cost effective way of gaining reliable access to capability that is a foundational requirement for effective incident response. 

Aside from fulfilling this specific requirement, Context believes that IRIS will also provide significant additional benefits to subscribed clients. Key among these will be the potential for reductions in overheads and costs associated with incident response due to the reduced requirement to maintain the necessary capability internally. The maintenance of analytic software suites and supporting hardware alone are a significant ongoing cost for many organisations, not to mention the teams and skill requirements to use them. 

Context recognises that there is difficulty in acquiring, recruiting and maintaining the specialist information security professionals, skillsets and tools within the average organisation on a cost effective basis. Even many larger organisations that employ information security teams including individuals with incident response skillsets find it difficult to recruit them in the first instance due to an information security skills shortage across the industry. Additionally, core cyber security skillsets can have a very short "half-life" and constant use is required to maintain them at an effective level. This constant exposure is difficult to provide within very many internal information security teams. 

The range of skills required to provide a well-rounded incident response team may necessitate a team size significantly larger than would otherwise be required for core network administration function, which in combination with increasing premium that information security skills are commanding in the marketplace, can stretch budgets to an unacceptable degree. Add to this the associated costs around software licensing, hardware and ongoing training necessary to do the job and the cost of providing adequate incident response capability, can become prohibitive for many organisations. 

IRIS seeks to address these challenges by providing an alternative to standing up and maintaining these capabilities internally, and while the commercial aspects are still in the process of being finalised, we are confident that it will be a very cost effective solution that will provide this capability at a fraction of the overhead. 

This new service is on track to take its first subscribers in October and will initially be available within the UK, although coverage is likely to expand to other areas in due course. If your organisation has specific requirements along these lines we welcome enquiries and will work with you to scope IRIS coverage.  The service will be offered at a number of levels as defined by the SLAs provided - with coverage and response times ranging from 24/7, 365 days a year, with 24 hour "boots on ground" response, through to business hours coverage and response within 3 business days. Given this flexibility we believe that the service will be a viable and valuable option for organisations of any size, from small start-ups through to our larger multinational clients. 

Should you wish to register interest in this service or would like further information, then please get in touch with your account manager, or contact us at [email protected]

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