Continuous Security Testing

Continuous Security Testing

Building security into your products and systems from the ground up. 

What is Continuous security Testing?

Traditional penetration testing is a snapshot-in-time assessment or your application, product or system after it has been built, whereas Continuous Security testing helps to implement security ‘by design’ throughout the lifecycle of a project. 

Continuous Security Testing reflects the trends of Agile development and DevSecOps, automating and integrating processes and related security measures from the very beginning of the development cycle. Security testing takes place at the end of each Agile ‘sprint’ which allows any identified issued to be prioritised for fixing in the following sprints, before the cycle continues. 

Benefits of Continuous Security Testing:

  • Testing early and testing often – this results in better protection, quicker times to market or deployment and reduced costs.
  • Being able to implement fixes before a project goes live removes the need for separate teams having to make fixes at a later date.
  • Vulnerabilities can be identified, remediated and retested throughout the development process – rather than applying costly post-development patches.
  • Particularly useful for applications developed in short iteration cycles as it saves time.
  • Breaks down the traditional barriers between developers and security testers.

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