Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices

Testing your IoT and embedded devices for security weaknesses.

What is embedded device testing?

When it comes to fast-emerging technologies such as the IoT, making sure that embedded systems and devices can stand up to relevant cyber threats is an important first step to protecting your most valuable assets, as well as your reputation.

At Context, we have experience finding security holes in a number of embedded devices and IoT products, from a smart printer with an unauthenticated firmware update process and an alarm with baked-in guessable webserver credentials, to an IP security camera with a plethora of security problems.

Examples of products we can test:

  • Embedded systems such as routers, printers, storage devices
  • Enterprise VPN solutions    
  • Enterprise mobile applications    
  • Vehicle trackers
  • Mobile and IoT products that have a security implication

In addition to conventional penetration testing techniques, it may be necessary to perform a full holistic assessment of a major new technology or platform. This could also include reverse engineering, protocol analysis, vulnerability research or development of a proof of concept capability.

Context’s embedded device testing allows you to:

  • Evaluate an embedded device’s security profile and identify possible weaknesses
  • Protect your most valuable assets, as well as your reputation
  • Test for known and previously undiscovered vulnerabilities

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