Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

Identifying vulnerabilities affecting the use of your mobile technologies.


Mobile app penetration testing can help ensure that your users, sensitive data, IT systems and reputation are secure and protected by identifying weaknesses in your mobile applications and the configuration of mobile devices, before they are exploited in the wild. 

Context’s comprehensive mobile security testing will identify vulnerabilities affecting the use of mobile technologies through detailed and audited processes including:

  • Manual penetration testing of iOS and Android mobile applications for phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices
    Our methodology covers industry standard checks such as those defined by OWASP as well as our own checks identified through years of experience. We can also perform testing of iOS applications without needing a jailbreak.  
  • Code review of mobile applications
    Using a white-box approach, we are able to go in-depth into the code of the application, identifying vulnerabilities that may be hard or impossible to expose via a black-box perspective. Code reviews are often performed in parallel with manual testing of mobile applications.
  • Policy reviews of enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions 
    Context’s methodology reviews the settings enforced on devices by EMM solutions and checks that they are applied as expected. We can also help you assess any scenarios you may be concerned about. For example, can users install apps outside of the company curated App Store or is it possible for a user to exfiltrate corporate data from workspace apps to non-workspace apps? 


  • Uncover insecure app functionality
  • Ensure CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) of sensitive information at rest, on the device, and in transit to mobile APIs
  • Determine whether discovered weaknesses in your apps could be exploited by an attacker
  • Improve the security of your mobile software development lifecycle

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