Phishing Simulation Service

Phishing Simulation Service

Attempting to manipulate your employees over email.


The easiest way to break into a company is often to trick the people. Phishing can be described as an attempt to gain access to sensitive information (e.g. passwords, usernames or credit card details) by posing as a legitimate entity over email. Phishing is one of the most common threat vectors your employees are likely to face and is often the first step in the majority of real-world compromises. 

Context are able to test end users’ security awareness through simulated targeted phishing campaigns. These can be conducted as part of a red teaming or social engineering engagement, or as a standalone service. By sending targeted phishing emails to your employees, we can not only benchmark their security awareness, but also identify whether they are running a vulnerable browser or plugin and assess your organization’s technical controls in place to protect against spam and phishing emails (e.g. email filtering, malware detection). 

Context’s phishing campaigns allow you to:

  • Gauge the effectiveness of your social engineering controls
  • Maximize your employees’ security vigilance
  • Test employee procedures for reporting suspicious emails
  • Leverage Context’s extensive experience in tailoring campaigns to your security objectives

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